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The Power of Creation- Game Design

The Power of Creation- Game Design

May 21, 2020

In this episode we explore game design theory, using creativity to transfer ideas into a game.

Host: JP Abah and Steven Sparkman

Guest: Jeremy Kincaid Prosper ISD Teacher, Librarian, and Writer.

Maker mindset: a new approach to the learning process!

Maker mindset: a new approach to the learning process!

May 20, 2020

Co-hosts JP and Steven, discuss the Maker mindset and the similarities to design thinking and how making/tinkering empowers learners to try and celebrate failures as well as success and take away the knowledge gained through the process.

Hosts: JP Abah, Steven Sparkman

Guest Maker: Alicia Maldonado

Guest: Robert Bettis, UNT Alum May '19 Media Arts degree, former Maker at The Factory and a Video professional with a focus on media production for digital platforms.

MindSpark: The Beginning

MindSpark: The Beginning

April 1, 2020

In The Spark Makerspace's first podcast- we introduce making and the goal of our Makerspace podcast. The Spark Makerspace was formerly called The Factory officially transitioning now through the summer 2020. The goal of our podcast will be to talk about making, makerspaces, STEM, STEAM, Innovation, UNT Innovation and cutting edge technology for hobbies and careers of tomorrow!

Host: JP Abah

Guest: Judy Hunter

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