UNT MindSpark

Welcome to UNT MindSpark Spring 2021

January 28, 2021

Welcome to UNT MindSpark Spring 2021 is an episode to introduce UNT MindSpark, the approach for the Spring 2021 semester, topics our student host teams will be delving in to, as well as our goal for this podcast. We will explore some of the things that have changed in The Spark Makerspace at UNT and how we are approaching making through the pandemic.


Host: JP Abah

JP is UNT Student, Lead, Ambassador, and Maker. He has been working in the makerspace at UNT for over three years, with a passion for the maker movement and the impact of experiential learning provided by the hands on learning in a makerspace. JP is a senior at UNT who is set to graduate later this year with a Bachelors of Applied Science in Data Analytics.

Producer and Guest: J. Hunter

The Operations Manager for The Spark Makerspace at the University of North Texas Libraries.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Training and Development and her Master’s degree in Public Administration from UNT, and has more than 20 years as a professional IT manager and has been with the UNT Makerspace since its inception.

As the operations manager, Judy is responsible for staff development, project management, the space transitions and technology advancements.   She has been instrumental in the success of the Libraries’ progress in these areas.

Producer and Editor: S. Sparkman


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