UNT MindSpark

Maker Mindset Series: Making Across Generations

April 26, 2021

Join the MindSpark Podcast team on a journey to explore maker mindsets across generations. We’ll speak to a multigenerational family who instilled a tinkering, explorative approach to navigating the world and mindset in their home. In this episode our guest will talk about the ways creating and making have influenced them and their family.


Guests: Raul Flores, Pamela Flores, Hanna Flores

Raul Flores, Software Engineer, Artist, and Maker

Pamela Flores, Travel Specialist University of North Texas, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and Artist

Hanna Flores:

Hi! My name is Hanna, and I'm graduating this semester with a Computer Science degree. I love working in a makerspace because it allows me to learn skills I would never have been able to learn otherwise. In addition, the flexibility of a makerspace has allowed me to turn my position into a software development role that still benefits the makerspace as a whole. I grew up in a creative home with parents who encouraged my exploration from the very beginning. The garage is a woodshop, and the living room is a seamstress' paradise. My home has always been a makerspace of my own, and working in a makerspace has been the most natural and enjoyable position I can imagine. To live and work in a place that always encourages trying something new just to see if it will work has made me happier than I could have ever hoped for, and I aim to be active in the community of makerspaces for the rest of my life! 

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