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Electronic Music and Making

April 2, 2021

Join The Spark Spring 2021 Co-hosts Cameron and Alondra to learn about the field of Electronic Music!



C. Driller:


My name is Cameron. I’m a biochemistry and technical writing student at the University of North Texas and I’ve been a maker at the Spark since June of 2018. My expertise in the makerspace is based around 3D printing, sensors, and laser cutting.

I enjoy listening to different kinds of music while I work, but most of my work playlists switch between types of electronic music and oldies. This fact is one of the reasons why I decided to work on the electronic music episode of the podcast since I wanted to learn more about the genre I listen to.


A. Lopez:

My name is Alondra Lopez, and I'm a Knowledge Specialist at the Spark Makerspace since 2019. At the Spark, I mostly focus on creating blog posts and teaching and training textile-based equipment such as the cricut, embroidery, and sewing machines. I'm a senior Media Arts major and Marketing minor student at UNT. I love music, especially electronic music. I've always had an interest in that specific genre back in 2018, so it was nice to discuss it in this episode. 


Guest: Steven Sparkman

Hello, I’m Steven Sparkman. I am a media arts major that focuses on audio and 3d graphics. I work at the Spark teaching students about the different tools and software we offer. Also I run the podcast and twitch live streams for the Spark.


Producer: Judy Hunter and Steven Sparkman

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